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What is GreenZyme®?

GreenZyme® is a biological liquid enzyme: Is a protein-based non-living catalyst, which facilitates the completion of biological reactions, to enhance crude oil recovery from most oil wells, both onshore and offshore. EEOR GreenZyme® is produced by a proprietary process, which involves impregnating a high protein nutrient soup, with the DNA of selectively cultured microbes. The final product contains enzymes associated with oil-eating microbe's DNA. Nearly all-living microbes are made inert at the end of the manufacturing process.

GreenZyme® is not a Chemical!

When injected into oil-bearing sand formation of any oilfield, GreenZyme® can instantly and quickly release hydrocarbon oil from the surface of these sands in a catalytic fashion, changing the nature of these sands from either oil-wetted surface or water-wetted surface to non-stationary GreenZyme® protected water-wetted surface releasing those aged wax and asphaltene concentrations. Such wettability change can reduce the oil flow resistance within the porous geological formation, helping the formation to accept an increase capacity for waterflooding. All these can result in solving the clogging problems for waterflooding wells, as well as in increasing oil production for oil-producing wells.  
GreenZyme®, being a catalyst however, does not diminish or weaken itself when encountered with the same problems. Since it is biological in nature, it performs only its biological duty to “release crude oil”, even in the presence of large quantities of ground water and other solid causing-and-clogging problems like paraffins and asphaltenes.   Since GreenZyme® is insoluble in crude oil and soluble only in water, can be carried by formation-water to deeper regions of the surrounding sand formations through pressure-induced diffusivity and concentration-gradient-differential diffusivity, (i.e. due to pressure differentials, osmotic and diffusional forces at work etc), opening more new flow-channels and creating new “fingerings of flow” within the sand-formation for months and years to come. GreenZyme® enhancement method can achieve a much higher crude oil production rate from the formation than most experts previously though impossible.
Colombia (vasconia) oil vs Greenzyme GreenZyme«

“Improved Oil Recovery & EOR using Biological Enzymes”

Greenzyme working on a crude oil core sample Greenzyme wettability changes of the rock formation interfacial tension reduction due to Greenzyme Greenzyme oil well field test

GreenZyme® is immune to:

pH of the fluid in the sand-formation. Salinity of the fluid in the sand-formation. Temperature in the sand-formation because, in laboratory tests, GreenZyme® does not degrade at temperatures up to 200 degrees C. Presence of any metallic ions in the sand-formation; since GreenZyme® is a biological agent, not a chemical agent, GreenZyme® does not react with most natural chemical agents present inside typical sand-formations. Presence of paraffins, naphthatenes, asphaltenes or sulfur at any percentage content. Any radio-active isotopes in the crude oil
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